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Chuck Haupt is based in upstate New York. His work during his 30-year career at the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin is recognized throughout the region for its impact and excellence. Chuck is known for his captivating images of residents of New York’s Southern Tier, images that reveal character and evoke a powerful response. His work as a photojournalist has taken him to a wide variety of places, from hospital operating rooms to professional golf tournaments, to lower Manhattan in the hours after the 9/11 attacks, and into the homes of ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell.

I started shooting ‘rocks and trees’ when I first discovered photography. Being exposed to photojournalism during high school got me interested in telling people’s stories visually, which I went on to do professionally for 36 years. Now that I’m retired from the newspaper profession, I’m getting back into those rocks and trees. Still, I’ll never tire of wanting to shoot that interesting face and tell the story behind it. -Chuck

“Chuck Haupt is among the most creative photographers I’ve met. He has a keen eye for the telling detail or unusual vantage point and often returns from a shoot with photos that reveal an entirely new perspective on the person, place or event he was covering. Chuck is easy to work with, reliable and flexible. He’s great on deadline and under pressure because of his newspaper background. I would trust him with any assignment.”

Rachel Coker

Director of Research Advancement at Binghamton University

“In addition to his considerable skills as a photographer, Chuck possesses the gift of caring and kindness, something that allows him to create unique bonds with everyone he meets and photographs.”

Beth Kaplan Wolff

ESOL Teacher

“Some photographers take pretty pictures and hope it somehow relates to the larger story. Chuck helps find the larger story, then tells that story with stunning photos. He understands that good photography is more than a relationship between a subject and photographer; it’s a relationship between subject and audience, as told by the photographer.”

Todd McAdam

Freelance Writer

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