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Easier way to adjust images

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Gathering clouds at sunset, Maine 2010


Recently edited the above photo with Nik Software , using their VIVEZA® 2 plug-in to work on the image. WOW, now it isn’t a chore to make editing adjustments with all of those selections and  layer-masks in Photoshop. Using the sliders in Nik’s “U Point” control system, making adjustments is a breeze, including the fine-detail structure control,  now available in the latest version.

Comparing to the original file, at left.

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  1. I felt the earth move looking at this photo of the Maine sky. You are awesome dear Brother.
    I love you! I also love Up in Arms. What an eye you have for capturing the moment. I am so very proud of you and all the work you do for your family, the Red Cross etc etc xoxox

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